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  • 23.10.2021
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Dukinos | 24.10.2021
When I was married we would post a lot about each other on our social media pages, he would more than me. I eventually got tired of our business out there for all to see. I stopped posting about our relationship and he saw it as I didn't love him or something, idk. I prefer privacy. I get so tired seeing people post every single thing about their life on social media, keep some things for yourself!! In my relationship now, I rarely ever post anything.
Grogore | 24.10.2021
Hola me puedes pasar tu Numero para videochat hot
Dusho | 30.10.2021
Driving an extremely expensive car like a Bentley in a very poor city (like Detroit or Flint) is a very bad idea and you're just asking to get robbed.
Dishura | 30.10.2021
There are so many words you could replace memes with in this sentence.
Tojagor | 02.11.2021
I dunno why but. I'd choose to see you with longer hair. Just an opinion tho, but good vid !

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