» » Hemmoraghic ovarian cyst and breast cancer
  • 10.02.2021
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Faejin | 12.02.2021
I believe this is. well, rapey, no?
Musho | 13.02.2021
Damn can I taste that fat wet pussy
Meztirr | 14.02.2021
I am so sad today. The past couple days there was a tiny raccoon baby wandering around. It had clearly lost it's mother. Well my son noticed it a couple days ago and came home to get a box to put it in so we could take it to a wildlife rescue center. He went back to get it and couldn't find it. Then a day or two later I notice it on my way home from work, I rush home to get a box (of course not a single person at home answers there phone, otherwise I would have sat there to keep an eye on it), I make it back to where I last saw it and it was gone again. There were three, I repeat three people looking at it when I drove past, so I figured one of them *must* have grabbed it. I drive today on my way to work and see the poor little guy dead. Fvcking people fvcking suck.

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