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  • 23.06.2020
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Juramar | 27.06.2020
Yes it’s a red flag because it makes you sound potentially clingy or as if you may be too dependent on the gf for your social needs. I don’t require a partner to have loads of friends and relationships. But a few close knit friends should exist so that I know I’m getting a complete person with an expansive world all on his own that he can share with me. Also, maintaining relationships is good for a simple support system and maintaining a healthy mental state.
Faulrajas | 27.06.2020
One of my favourites
Vulmaran | 02.07.2020
Sorry TARD.McDead is gone and the military couldn't be doing better with Commander-in-Chief Trump in charge. Your pathetic Daddy got more American military killed than anyone with his ISIS buddies. Shut your mouth!

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